“NCAA President Calls for Reforms in Sports Betting”

Posted on: November 9, 2023, 08:09h.

Last updated on: November 9, 2023, 08:09h.

In a recent interview, NCAA President Charlie Baker stressed the need for reforms in the rapidly growing field of sports betting to safeguard student-athletes.

The NCAA head, Charlie Baker, recognizes that sports betting has increased engagement in college sports, especially in lesser-known athletic events. However, Baker highlighted the need for enhanced security and protection for student-athletes.

NCAA Charlie Baker sports betting player prop
NCAA President Charlie Baker at the organization’s headquarters in Indianapolis. Baker believes oddsmakers should be prohibited from offering player props in college sports. (Image: NBC News)

Baker, who signed Massachusetts’ sports betting bill into law before joining the NCAA, is particularly concerned about player proposition bets. He emphasized the worrying impact of prop bets on student-athletes and the potential risks associated with such wagers.

Baker expressed concerns about the potential influence of prop betting on student-athletes’ performance, underlining his viewpoint with a hypothetical: “Prop betting… is one of the parts I worry about the most.”.

Other states that have permitted college player props include Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, DC, and Wyoming. However, most legal sports betting states do not currently allow oddsmakers to offer these types of bets.

Focus on Safeguarding Players

Baker is working to implement sports betting reforms in collaboration with sportsbooks and state legislators to ensure that student-athletes are not targeted by unauthorized external influences seeking to manipulate the outcome of collegiate games.

He pointed out the potential dangers of prop bets for players, as they could be easily approached by acquaintances trying to undermine the integrity of college sports for personal gain.

Baker cited the difficulties in monitoring prop bets for fraud compared to over/under and moneyline bets, underscoring the complexity of monitoring such wagers. With over 5,800 Division 1 men’s basketball games underway, closely monitoring player props is a herculean task for authorities

Banned Persons List

Baker is encouraging lawmakers and gaming regulators to consider implementing a “prohibited bettors list” to safeguard the integrity of college sports, particularly targeting individuals with a history of harassing players or engaging in questionable practices.

The NCAA’s reputation may also be affected by the ongoing controversy surrounding the Michigan Wolverines football program, where Michigan’s alleged actions have raised concerns over the integrity of collegiate sports.

The NCAA is currently investigating allegations related to the Michigan football program to address concerns regarding sportsmanship and fair play. These allegations have the potential to impact college sports across the nation

The NCAA and governing bodies of college sports face significant challenges in ensuring the integrity of their events in the rapidly evolving landscape of sports betting. Efforts to address these challenges will be crucial for safeguarding the tradition and fairness of college sports across the country.


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