North Carolina Sports Betting Delayed past Jan. 8 Opening Date

As of November 14, 2023, sports betting is not yet available in North Carolina, despite the hope that the market was to be ready in time for the college football national championship on Jan. 8.

The delay comes after the North Carolina Lottery Commission announced on Tuesday that they will not meet the deadline, and the start date could be pushed back as far as June 15.

While this disappointing news, the commission is making progress to implement new regulations, with plans to adopt the first set of sports betting rules by Thursday. The draft sports wagering catalog will cover a wide range of professional, collegiate, and international competitions, enhancing the betting options for enthusiasts in the Tar Heel State.

However, before sports betting can begin, the commission will have to go through a formal comment process and a strict application and licensing process. They must also work with sports team or governing bodies to decide on the designated venues for wagering.

Despite the delay, the state remains committed to achieving its goal of implementing sports betting laws as soon as possible and ensuring that all operations are up and running effectively and appropriately.

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