Philippine Authorities Crack Down on Illegal Gambling and e-Sabong Websites

In the latest betting news, authorities in the Philippines are cracking down on illegal gambling websites, including those dedicated to e-sabong. Globe Telecom Inc. has reported a significant increase in malicious websites linked to illegal gambling, child pornography, and online piracy, prompting the telecom company to take action against these sites. The fight against illegal online content in the Philippines continues, with ISPs ordered to block over 2,400 websites catering to online cockfighting under Executive Order (EO) No. 9 from December of last year. Despite this, nearly 3,000 e-sabong websites have been identified since then by the Philippine National Police (PNP) and other organizations on the ground. These proactive measures are part of a broader effort to ensure a secure online environment and abide by legal mandates to protect against harmful and illegal content. The authority to order telecoms to block e-sabong websites is coming under scrutiny from lawmakers, who will need to create specific legislation to give the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) the legal authority it needs to respond to take-down notices.

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