Policía español condenado por apostar con dinero robado de la escena del crimen.

Date : November 22, 2023, 06:44h. 

Last update : November 22, 2023, 06:44h.

Spain’s Civil Guard has received a light prison sentence after being found guilty of embezzling and gambling away funds seized during an anti-drug operation.

A member of Spain's Guardia Civil in uniform
A member of Spain’s Guardia Civil in uniform. One of the officers received a suspended prison sentence for gambling with funds he stole from a crime scene. (Image: Radio y Televisión Española)

The Provincial Court of Alicante last week sentenced the officer to five months in jail and a 10-month disqualification from office for embezzling €9,000 in summer 2020 during an anti-drug raid, using the money to gamble, and subsequently losing all the money.

Authorities uncovered the officer’s actions when he handed over only the drugs and not the money that was seized, sparking an investigation and his subsequent conviction.

Although the local media initially reported that the officer may get two years of imprisonment, an agreement was reached. The five-month sentence was suspended, as long as the officer does not commit any offenses within the next two years.

Other reports of rogue cops include the arrest of former Las Vegas police officer Caleb Rogers for heists at three casinos and the recent jailing of two officers in Peru for stealing from a Peruvian slot parlor.

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