Potential Title: Alleged Kidnap Attempt: Guest at Grand View Resort Accused of Pulling Boy from Vegas Pool

A man has recently faced charges after allegedly forcibly grabbing a young boy out of a pool at the renowned Grand View Resort in Las Vegas. The accused individual, Sheldon Lynel Barber, reportedly attempted to lure the child to a nearby restroom in what authorities believe to be a sinister act. Fortunately, the vigilant boy swiftly returned to the safety of the pool deck, avoiding any potential harm.

Sheldon Lynel Barber
Sheldon Lynel Barber in a mug shot, pictured above. He was arrested after several incidents at a Las Vegas resort pool. (Image: LVMPD)

Sheldon Lynel Barber, who resides in Tallahassee, Florida, now faces charges of kidnapping a minor, luring a minor to engage in a sex act, and contact with a minor as stated by Las Vegas TV station KLAS.

Following his arrest, Barber was released from the Clark County Detention Center upon posting bail. However, he is permanently barred from returning to the hotel.

Witnesses Share Disturbing Accounts

According to witnesses’ reports provided to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD), Barber allegedly approached the child at the pool, referring to him as a “mommy’s boy.” Initially, Barber extended his hand for a handshake, but instead, he forcefully grabbed the boy’s arm before being thwarted by the child’s defensive maneuver, as reported by the Las Vegas Sun.

The victim’s cousin, who was present during the incident, verified the events to law enforcement, explaining that she witnessed Barber forcibly removing the boy from the pool. The victim’s mother, who was also at the scene, observed the unsettling interaction between Barber and her son.

The boy later disclosed to his mother that the man had urged him to accompany him to the bathroom while expressing concerns about Barber’s dangerous nature, according to the Sun.

Security personnel promptly intervened after Barber’s failed abduction attempt when he reportedly began showing interest in a four-year-old girl present at the pool.

A security guard approached Barber and asked him to vacate the pool area, which he initially complied with. However, he later returned, having changed his clothes.

The victim’s cousin divulged another alarming incident involving Barber. Allegedly, he persistently stared at her while she was in the pool on a previous night. After she left the pool area, Barber allegedly followed her, interrogating her about her age and future plans for the evening, according to the police.

Both the female cousin and the boy expressed feeling unsettled after their encounters with Barber. The ages of the victims have not been disclosed, and fortunately, none suffered physical harm.

Additional Attempts at Luring

Subsequently, reports reached the police that Barber had attempted to lure women at the pool to his hotel room, including a female cleaning attendant.

When questioned by law enforcement, Barber was uncooperative and simply advised officers to consult his legal representation.

Upon searching Barber’s belongings, authorities discovered a sexual enhancement herbal supplement.

This disturbing incident at the Grand View Resort serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a vigilant and safe environment for all visitors.

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