Reportedly, NFL Media Considering Ownership Stake in ESPN

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The National Football League (NFL) is reportedly in advanced talks to acquire an ownership position in ESPN, the largest sports media conglomerate in the United States. ESPN is a huge broadcast partner for NFL games and it could be preparing for an expanded role with reports suggesting the pro football league is considering buying an ownership position in the sports media empire that’s controlled by Disney. Such a deal would potentially lead to ESPN assuming control of NFL Media, the primary marketing and communications division of the NFL.

The NFL has a rich history of broadcasting deals and the potential partnership with ESPN is part of the league’s ongoing efforts to secure its media positioning alongside the gaming industry. Since the US Supreme Court ruling to allow legal sports betting, the NFL, along with other professional leagues and the NCAA, have come to embrace sports betting as a way to increase fan and viewer engagement, which has led to lucrative broadcasting agreements for them.

This move would connect ESPN to NFL’s media offerings such as the NFL Network and NFL+, further solidifying ESPN’s position in the sports media industry. Notably, the deal would not include the licensing deal for the coveted Sunday Ticket, which Google’s YouTube TV secured in late 2022 for over $2 billion a season.

Furthermore, ESPN is reportedly gearing up to launch a direct-to-consumer (DTC) streaming service in 2025. This would be a significant development in the sports media landscape and an interesting opportunity for sports bettors and NFL fans alike, as they explore new ways to consume content and engage with their favorite sports.

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