“Rising Hacker Collective GambleForce Targets Global Gambling and Other Websites”

Posted on: December 14, 2023, 06:47h. 

Last updated on: December 14, 2023, 06:47h.

The latest developments in cybersecurity are causing concern for the online gaming industry and other sectors. A security threat group, GambleForce, has been revealed by cybersecurity firm Group-IB. The group is targeting websites in many different industries across at least eight countries, including gambling, government, retail, and travel websites.

A man typing on a laptop keyboard
A man typing on a laptop keyboard. A new cybercriminal group has emerged that is targeting online gambling and other sites. (Image: Alamy)

Group-IB’s threat intelligence team discovered GambleForce’s command and control (CnC) server in September, housing various hacking tools of the group. The cybersecurity firm took down the server and notified GambleForce victims while identifying the target countries without naming specific victims of the attacks.

How GambleForce Operates

GambleForce has targeted 24 organizations between September and December 2023, employing techniques such as exploiting known vulnerabilities to steal sensitive information from databases. The group utilizes different methods for data exfiltration, showcasing their ability to exploit diverse entry points.

Many Questions Unresolved

Group-IB’s ongoing investigation into GambleForce aims to uncover how the group utilizes or monetizes the stolen data. Their data theft approach is concerning, as they extract all possible data from compromised databases without targeting specific information, potentially compiling a list of future targets.

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