Slim Chance for Alabama Gaming and Lottery Bills to Pass in 2024

Alabama Casino Gaming and Lottery Legislation Faces Long Odds in 2024

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Published: January 8, 2024, 09:46h
Last updated: January 8, 2024, 09:46h

The Alabama capital of Montgomery is expected to introduce casino gaming and lottery bills in the near future. However, the chances of these bills being passed are slim considering the multiple failed attempts to expand gaming in the past. The 2024 legislative session beginning on Feb. 6 will be a crucial window for sports bettors as standalone casino and lottery bills are expected to be debated in the legislature. But with the skepticism already emanating from state lawmakers, the prospects of these bills being passed seem dim.
Alabama Lottery and Casino Last updated on discussions are expected this year in the Montgomery capital. However, the odds of a gaming measure reaching the ballot in 2024 look slim. (Image: NBC13)

If history is any indication, efforts to expand gaming in Alabama have been authored almost annually since 1999, with no bills passing. With the introduction of new bills and proposals once again in 2024, hopes are high among enthusiasts, despite the apparent reluctance from lawmakers.

State Sen. Sam Givhan of Huntsville believes that the Senate will not be eager to consider any gaming expansion. Similarly, enthusiasm in the House for gaming measures also appears to be questionable according to state Rep. Joe Lovvorn of Auburn, the chairman of the House Rules Committee. Considering that Alabama’s Constitution prohibits most forms of gaming, a statewide ballot referendum to amend the constitution is required for any new form of gaming to be legalized. This puts even more pressure on the 2024 session.

Alabama Sen. Chris Elliott has suggested that Republican lawmakers delay consideration of a lottery bill until after the November elections, citing the recently completed redistricting process as evidence pointing to Democratic influence on the ballot. With so much uncertainty surrounding the possibility of gaming expansion in Alabama, the ultimate fate of proposed gaming bills this year remains anyone’s guess. As more information becomes available, sports betting enthusiasts are urged to keep tabs on the latest developments from the legislature.

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