Social Media Slams F1’s Decision to Block Grand Prix Viewing

Published: November 1, 2023, 08:31h. 

Last updated: November 1, 2023, 08:31h.

Privacy screens aren’t the only obstacle blocking views of the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix. Formula 1 crews have implemented an elaborate system to prevent fans from getting a glimpse of the race. Pedestrian bridges crossing the racetrack will be lined with metal cages, designed to not only prevent the tossing of objects onto the track but also stop individuals from tampering with or seeing the privacy screens. The intention is to maintain the flow of pedestrian traffic across the bridges while ensuring the safety of the drivers. An official video by Jacob Orth provides an inside look at one of the bridges currently being constructed.

All pedestrian bridges crossing the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix track will be fitted with metal cages like this one. (Image: KTNV/Las Vegas)

Public Reaction

On social media, locals and tourists in Las Vegas have expressed their frustration with the metal cages. Many feel that these obstructions detract from the tourist experience and question why they were implemented so far in advance of the race. Some comments include:

  • “Awesome job by the Las Vegas Tourism board, really making people feel welcome!” – @andy73690988
  • “That bridge looks like a pen for cattle and farm animals! Get along now you slow moving tourists!!! Nothing to see here!” – @JordanXRP1985
  • “I understand why they do this, but why so early? Could’ve done it the week of the race.” – @alex_nassif
  • “Destroying tourists trips, hurting tourists and destroying locals lives for 6 months… so .00000000002% people will actually make money for 3 days. GFY VEGAS.” – @JasonSarcinelli
  • “No words. To my knowledge, F1 doesn’t bend over European cities like this… It’s disgusting to me what’s being done here. It’s a bad look for both F1 and Vegas.” – @matteberhardt1
  • “Cross the bridge and don’t you dare look, you peasants.” – @epalascianook
  • “One event that pretty much ruins the whole strip experience. I’m rooting for it to lose huge money.” – @flickrfumes

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