Spanish Police uncover drug cartel using illegal casino as headquarters

Posted on: December 19, 2023, 06:47h.

Last updated on: December 19, 2023, 06:47h.

In a recent surprise move, the Civil Guard discovered an illicit casino in Granada, with suspected gang leaders using high-stakes poker games as a cover for illegal activities. A total of seven people were arrested and taken into custody as part of an extensive investigation into the matter.

Spanish police officers in uniform
Spanish police officers in uniform. Authorities in Granada have broken up a gang that trafficked drugs across Europe from an illegal casino. (Image:

Following the earlier crackdown on marijuana production centers, which were connected to a criminal network in Granada, the recent raid on the covert casino has uncovered alarming links to drug traffickers from across Europe.

Spanish Anti-Terrorism Operation

Spain’s Civil Guard, in collaboration with various law enforcement agencies, took swift action to halt the operations of a crime ring that was involved in illegal drug trafficking and high-stakes poker games. The extensive operation resulted in the arrest of numerous individuals and the discovery of an extensive array of weapons and illegal contraband by the authorities.

The raids led to the confiscation of an arsenal of weapons, luxury cars, and a substantial amount of cash and jewelry—an indication of their involvement in transnational drug trade and illegal financial activities. More suspects may be brought to justice as the investigation progresses.

Several members of the crimina organization have been jailed on a range of charges, but the illegal gambling charges will not be pursued at this time. Granada continues to be the focus of such criminal activities, with links to previous international crime operations, as well as previous drug busts.

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