Sports Gambling Radio Station Set to Launch in Philadelphia

iHeartMedia-Fox-Sports-The-Gambler-PhiladelphiaIn recent months we’ve heard about new radio shows popping up all over the country that are dedicated to sports gambling. But in Philadelphia they are taking it to the next level as iHeartMedia Philadelphia announced the launch of an entirely new radio station dedicated to sports betting and sports talk.

It’s called Fox Sports Radio, The Gambler and it is set to launch on August 26th on 102.5 FM and 1480 AM in Philadelphia. People around the world can also listen in through the iHeartRadio app.

The station will combine a mix of national Fox Radio programs as well as local Philadelphia content.

In terms of sports betting shows, there are numerous options.

It starts everyday with Clay Travis’ national show, Outkick The Coverage from 6am-9pm. Right now, one of the key focuses of the show is College Football gambling with the start of the season coming next weekend.

Travis went 102-93 last year with his college football picks, for a 52.3% winning percentage. He’s gone over .500 in five of the seven years he’s been broadcasting his picks with an aim to finish about 55%.

iHeartMedia-PhiladelphiaThe middle of the day will be taken over by the two biggest names at Fox with the Dan Patrick Show running from 9am-12pm and The Herd with Colin Cowherd broadcast from 3pm-6pm Monday-Friday.

The focus shifts back to gambling from the afternoon drive with The Daily Tickets with Sean Brace.

Brace is a Philadelphia celebrity who starting up the website  His site already includes a betting component and the show will be entirely about sports betting.

It will include both national and local sports betting news and information to help people make the most informed choices possible.

The plan at launch is that they won’t take callers at all on the show. Instead it will be purely about content, bringing in experts across the sports betting landscape to talk about futures, prop bets, daily odds, fantasy sports and much more.

Immediately following Brace’s show will come another national gambling show as the station picks up Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell.

Bell is based in Las Vegas and is the CEO and founder of It includes betting experts such as Brad Powers and Steve Fezzik. The show shares a Vegas perspective on each upcoming game and breaking news along with shifting odds right up until game time.

The station sounds like a great way for bettors to get informed and entertained at the same time as part of the shift to embrace legalized sports betting across the country.

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