Suspect and Victim of Crown Casino Murder Identified by Australian Police

Published: October 31, 2023, 09:29h. 

Updated: October 31, 2023, 09:29h.

Australian police have identified the suspect and victim in a tragic murder case at Crown Casino in Perth, Australia. The motive behind the murder and failed suicide attempt remains unknown, captivating the public’s curiosity.

Alice Rose McShera in a selfie she took and posted on Facebook
Alice Rose McShera in a selfie she took and posted on her Facebook page. She was murdered in cold blood at the Crown Casino in Perth, Australia on Monday. (Image: Alice Rose McShera via Facebook)

The victim, Alice Rose McShera, aged 34, was a respected lawyer at the Murray Chambers law firm in Perth. Tragically, she met her untimely demise allegedly at the hands of Cameron John Pearson, who was reportedly a potential romantic partner.

A Shocking Incident

Pearson is believed to have used a blunt instrument in carrying out the crime before attempting to take his own life. His attempted suicide left him with severe injuries but did not end his life.

During his appearance before a judge on Tuesday morning, Pearson claimed incompetence and expressed confusion over the murder charges placed against him. He has been remanded in custody and is scheduled for another hearing on November 29.

The Murray Chambers law firm released a solemn statement mourning the loss of McShera, describing her as a “much-loved colleague and friend.” They highlighted her exceptional skills and experience as a lawyer.

In a poignant Facebook post just a day before the tragedy, McShera talked about her plans to spend the night at Crown Casino before an upcoming surgery. She mentioned indulging in life’s pleasures with a bottle of Dom Pérignon champagne and watching “old DVDs.”

Ongoing Investigation

There is limited information available regarding the events that transpired between McShera’s Facebook post and her untimely demise. The authorities were called to the scene shortly after 11 a.m. on Monday morning, but they suspect she may have been deceased for some time before they were alerted.

Media outlets have reported that a concerned family member called Crown Casino after being unable to reach McShera by phone, leading to a welfare check. Inspector Geoff DeSanges of the Western Australian Police Force stated that there “seems to have been a period of time between the woman being injured and the hotel notifying the police.”

According to her LinkedIn profile, McShera graduated from the Australian National University in 2015. She obtained a Master’s degree in law and initially worked for the Family Court of Western Australia.

A year later, she became an associate at DCH Legal Group, a law firm specializing in family law. She then moved on to Platinum Legal and later joined Anthony R Clarke and Associates before beginning her career with Murray Chambers. She had been with the firm for slightly over three years.

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