Today Marks the Opening of Puerto Rico’s Inaugural Domestic Sportsbook

Posted on: November 3, 2023, 08:47h. 

Last updated on: November 3, 2023, 08:47h.

In a significant development for Puerto Rico’s online sports betting scene, Ballers Sportsbook is set to launch, becoming the first local company to operate a sportsbook within the US territory. Led by Daniel de Ontañon and Héctor José Torres Donato, Ballers plans to offer betting lines on major sports, with a focus on local teams. Powered by Sportradar and R. Franco Digital, the sportsbook expects to handle between $170 million and $200 million annually, positioning itself as a major player in Puerto Rico’s emerging sports betting market.

The Puerto Rican flag flying on a pole
The Puerto Rican flag flying on a pole. The US territory inaugurates another sportsbook today with the launch of Ballers Sportsbook. (Image: Shutterstock)

Ballers Sportsbook has officially launched, becoming the first local sportsbook in Puerto Rico. Led by Daniel de Ontañon and Héctor José Torres Donato, the company aims to cater to sports enthusiasts with a strong focus on local teams, particularly in baseball and basketball. Powered by Sportradar and R. Franco Digital, Ballers promises the highest standards of integrity, speed, and security in its platform.

High Expectations

Ballers has set ambitious expectations for its annual handle, projecting between $170 million and $200 million. This demonstrates the company’s confidence in capturing a significant share of Puerto Rico’s sports betting market. With the approval of the Board of Commissioners of Puerto Rico’s Gaming Commission, Ballers is now fully compliant with regulatory requirements and ready to accept bets.

The launch of Ballers Sportsbook marks another addition to Puerto Rico’s growing sports betting landscape. Competitors in the market include Casino del Mar, which operates a retail and online sportsbook in partnership with BetMGM, and Casino Metro, which has its own sportsbook and has aligned with Caesars for its online offering. The Stadium, parent company of WinIn, has also partnered with IGT to introduce a sportsbook.

Well-Timed Entry

Ballers Sportsbook has strategically timed its launch to coincide with the Pan American Games matchup between Puerto Rico and Panama. The basketball game is expected to attract significant attention from bettors. DraftKings heavily favors Puerto Rico to win, with odds of -575 on the moneyline and an 11.5-point spread in their favor. This adds excitement to the launch of Ballers Sportsbook and provides a prime betting opportunity for sports enthusiasts.

Puerto Rico and Panama will face off in the Pan American Games, providing a platform for nations to compete in various sports disciplines.

In this particular basketball matchup, Puerto Rico has historically performed well against Panama, winning three out of the last four contests. While Puerto Rico is at the bottom of Group B, Panama closes out the list for Group A.


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