US Supreme Court Removes Ban on Sports Gambling

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Although the US Supreme Court opened the door for all states to legalize sports betting, it may be a while before that occurs as most states have not considered any sports gambling legislation. The first wave includes a handful of states that have already the legal contrivance in place and were just waiting for a favorable ruling from the high court. The Supreme Court cleared the way on Monday by striking down a 1992 federal law that had prohibited all but the state of Nevada from authorizing sports betting.

New Jersey, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Mississippi are the first states that could be up and running with betting on professional and college sports within 45 days of Monday’s ruling. New York, California, Illinois and Michigan will probably follow suit as their legislation are still in session and have sport-betting bills pending. Around 20 other states have considered or are considering sports betting and how or when they will move on this will be heavily influenced by the actions of neighboring states.


However, some states like Alabama, Colorado and Utah won’t authorize sports betting anytime soon as the three currently prohibits all forms of gambling. The Supreme Court’s decision to repeal the federal ban on sports betting is in many ways the logical consequence of fan’s obsession with data. It carries a multi-billion dollar industry out of the glooms and into the sunlight, where its integrity can be failsafe and consumers can be protected. The craving for sports betting is there and instead of offshore bookmakers reaping the benefits, there is a pathway to bring the revenues into the US economy.

In light of this, the legalization of sports betting benefits online casinos and traditional casinos looking to enter the digital world.  New customers will soon have the opportunity to become sports betting players much more easily without having to go through the black/grey market. Once everything is settled, US customers will indeed be able to deposits funds into their online casino account through Visa, Mastercard and/or any third party bank institution. At this moment, online casinos and sportsbooks have their own way of accepting funds. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are one of the more popular ways to get funds into your sportsbook account. Most of the sportsbooks listed on Vegas Online Casino do accept bitcoin. Its just a matter of time until the US market gets the ball rolling again.

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