Excitement Surrounding Auto Race Lovers For 2019 Upcoming Events at Dover International Speedway

No sooner, the Supreme Court of U.S. had concurred with the implementation of the sports betting, everyone associated with the Sportsbook is celebrating. Barely after three weeks of the judgment, has the fullscale sports betting been allowed by the Delaware authorities. Taking a cue from all this, the Dover International Speedway has installed on-site betting kiosk recently. Thus, this has become the first racing track, which allowed the sports betting on its own property. Therefore, you can stake the bets on your favorite races like the regular punters opt on the online casino.


Reasons for Jubiliation

The wagering on a single game and championship on professional baseball, football, hockey, auto racing, golf, and soccer, etc. are legalized at Dover International Speedway and Dover Downs.

Anyone can line up at the kiosk prior to the commencement of the race and choose to bet on the winner. A number of drivers at the lead lap at the finish, which driver leads the most laps, and the total cautions over the entire stretch of a 400-mile race.

Of course, the icing on the cake is the announcement by Steve Phelps, President of NASCAR. He is hopeful that the year 2019 would witness the sports betting by which time the rules and other guidelines on various aspects of betting would be ready.

The inside betting on the kiosk at Dover International Speedway would be a guiding star for the sports betting landscape including the sponsorship at the event.


The rulebook needs to take a shape finalizing the guidelines and other fine print to clarify the nitty-gritty of the permission for the drivers and other team members to bet on NASCAR. As of now, there is no clarity on many such points. All these clarifications need to be finalized before the event scheduled in 2019.

Currently, it appears that the sponsorship is a positive aspect to be in place. The return on investment may attract many sponsors to jump the bandwagon, which might prove a win-win situation for everyone.

Your Expectation

As the Dover International Speedway is offering multiple options of betting, the enthusiast is eager to know whether the betting is allowed on

  • Odds on the model of auto like Ford, Chevrolet or Toyota would win
  • Odds on the drivers who would finish in the top 3 or 5 range
  • Multiple bet sequences on which driver would finish higher on say 10 or 15 events.
  • Whether the winning number would be an odd number or even. Alternatively, whether the winning number would be less than 15 or not, etc.

According to the President, all such valid points would be evaluated thoroughly and a final decision would be in place keeping the overall repercussions in view. He is confident that the sports enthusiasts would be able to stake their betting in the year 2019.

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