Busting Vegas Myths: Expired ID Won’t Forfeit Your Jackpot

Date: October 23, 2023, 08:06h.

Last updated: October 22, 2023, 08:13h.

Last week, a viral TikTok video showcased an incident involving a woman at a casino who was unable to cash out her winnings due to an expired ID.

However, this video failed to mention that the woman did not lose her money. Instead, the casino was legally required to store her winnings until she could provide a valid photo ID and Social Security/tax ID number.

For any jackpot winnings of $1,200 or more on a slot or video machine, or over $10,000 in a table game, U.S. casinos must comply with federal regulations to ensure the proper withholding of taxes. This includes verifying the winner’s identity and holding the funds until the necessary documentation is provided.

Casinos must store unclaimable winnings in their cages until they can legitimately be claimed by their winners. (Image: sea-agency.com)

If a valid ID is not immediately available, the casino will allow the winner to fill out an unclaimed jackpot form and store the winnings securely until the required documentation is presented. This process typically involves a deadline for the winner to return with the necessary identification.

It is important to note that there are legitimate reasons why a casino may deny payment, such as underage gambling, inclusion in a deadbeat database, enrollment in a self-exclusion list, fraudulent claims, or machine malfunctions. However, reputable casinos operate within the boundaries of the law and prioritize fair and legal practices.

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