Casino Faces Lawsuit After Roulette Ball Strikes Player in the Eye

Bet on This: Player Sues Las Vegas Casino Hotel Over Roulette Ball Injury

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A roulette player is taking legal action against the Gold Coast casino hotel in Las Vegas, seeking $15K in damages. Dalease Brown, a resident of Las Vegas, claims to have suffered an eye injury when a stray roulette ball flew out of the wheel due to the dealer’s negligence and unsafe handling.

Roulette balls typically weigh around 17 to 18 grams and measure slightly over three-quarters of an inch. (Image: ChatGPT)

The incident is said to have taken place on October 28, 2021, at a property owned by Boyd Gaming, located off the Las Vegas Strip. The lawsuit was filed in Clark County’s eighth judicial district court on September 25, 2023.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which first reported the story, the lawsuit states, “The marble ball ricocheted from the roulette wheel and violently struck Plaintiff in her left eye at a high rate of speed, severely injuring Plaintiff.”

Brown’s legal claim asserts that she experienced “severe” eye pain and sustained “permanent” damage to her vision.

An Unlucky Strike

Although occurrences are rare, has uncovered two other relatively recent incidents involving eye injuries caused by wayward roulette balls.

In 2015, Leander Stocks from Washington, DC, filed a lawsuit against the Cordish Companies, the owner of Maryland Live casino, after being hit in the eye by a stray roulette ball two years earlier.

Stocks sought $300K in damages, alleging negligence on the croupier’s part and claiming that a security guard caused battery by administering eyedrops “without warning or consent.” Stocks suffered a concussion when he “became disoriented, fell forward, hit his head against a door, and lost consciousness.”

However, the casino owners and employees were acquitted of all charges when the case went to trial.

In 2012, Hung Nguyen from New Orleans filed a similar lawsuit against Harrah’s New Orleans Casino, as reported by the Louisiana Record.

Unfortunately, there is no follow-up information regarding the outcome of that lawsuit as the newspaper did not provide further updates on the case.


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