Tips On How To Counter Strategies From A Bookmaker

Among the online gaming market, the most popular is the Sportsbook. There is no exaggeration that while you engage in sports betting, your adrenaline level goes high for sure. Anyway, there is no one to blame the player, because the sports betting per se is very exciting. However, a wiser player looks for some tips so that the chances of winning the bets increase considerably. This is not confined only to a novice player but also for a regular punter.

If you feel that winning a bet at the sportsbook is only for those who play regularly on a long-term basis, it is only your misconception. In fact, you can reverse the myths of sports betting even in the short-term if your betting strategy is ideal. You may take an advantage of the sports tips and grab an opportunity of winning chances.


Teaser Betting Strategy

This is a simple strategy anyone would understand and be at an advantageous position. It is a common observation that betting lines at the current market are different. The teasers are generally better when you are off the current market. Without breaking your head, you can straightway look for any +EV for betting.

Prop Betting

This is another easier method a punter can look for betting. It is also accepted that the bookmakers lose money on prop bets. Though there are multiple lines to create and manage, it is not a daunting task to calculate precisely. With a careful study and analysis, you will be able to be an expert on this.

What is Expected Value?

In the layman language, EV, which is the Expected Value, is the amount a punter expects to lose or win per bet at the same odds over a long time. In other words, this is the amount a better can win or lose when the odds remain unchanged.

You have in all a probability heard about the ‘average’ of a bookmaker is 4.55% when the bets are straight, which works out to 2.38% @ negative 105. The advantage of the sportsbook is negative when you are betting on the advantage player of a team.

Therefore, the first step is to avoid the negative EV betting.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your strategy, you should be thorough in the analysis and take advantage of the betting. You can try your luck on any Sportsbook like Bovada, MyBookie, BetOnline, GT Bets, Sports Betting, Intertops, TopBet or RealBet.

There are many events in the anvil for the enthusiastic sports lovers. You can grab any event of the favorite sports and be a winner next time.

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