Playtech Report: Majority of Argentinian Bettors Show Little Concern for Licensed Sportsbooks

Posted on: September 12, 2023, 06:55h.

Last updated on: September 12, 2023, 06:55h.

Lawmakers and gaming regulators in emerging markets must understand consumer behavior to ensure the success of their legal gambling ecosystems. According to a recent survey, Argentina has the least concern about the legality of betting sites among Latin American countries. This insight will impact the regulated market.

The Argentine flag flies at Monserrat Plaza in Buenos Aires
The Argentine flag flies at Monserrat Plaza in Buenos Aires. A recent study shows that many bettors don’t care if the platform they use is regulated or not. (Image: Encircle Photos)

Playtech, a leading online gaming software company, conducted a study to explore consumer concerns and interests in the LatAm region. Only 29% of respondents considered an operator’s regulatory status when choosing a betting site.

In contrast, 71% of respondents in Brazil believe that the government should regulate the betting market. In Colombia, over half of the respondents consider a site’s legal status before using it.

Argentine Players Prioritize Gameplay

Argentina sets the trend for the lack of concern among players in Latin America regarding their protection. The survey revealed that 84% of Argentines have never been warned about their level of play and any related problems. This figure is the highest in the region, contrasting with Brazil where 52% of respondents received alerts about their gambling behavior.

In Argentina, 37% of respondents appreciate the alert messaging method as it works to their advantage, 27% feel safe with the messages, and 11% express a desire to learn more about their gambling behavior.

14% of respondents feel irritated by the messages but do not see them as negatively affecting their gaming experience. Meanwhile, 10% dislike constant reminders and wish to eliminate the messages altogether.

However, the lack of attention to the regulatory status of online gaming platforms does not mean that Argentines are indifferent to the state of affairs. Another survey earlier this year found that over 60% of respondents believe that the gaming ecosystem needs improvement and the government should establish clearer guidelines to reduce potential gambling harm.

Efforts to improve the industry are already underway. Mario Trucco, the executive director of the Association of State Lotteries, recently announced the development of a cohesive and transparent gaming industry framework in collaboration with the 24 Argentine state lotteries.

Argentina is witnessing rapid growth in online gambling. It leads in terms of online applications and game downloads in relation to the number of users. However, Brazil’s gaming market development may pose a challenge to Argentina’s current position.

Growing Argentine Gaming Industry

The global surge in iGaming sites has fueled the demand for online gaming opportunities in South America. This growth can be attributed to factors such as high-speed Internet access, widespread use of mobile devices, and the Latin American fascination with sports. These elements, alongside organizational shifts, have played a crucial role in the remarkable expansion of online gaming in the region.

With a population nearing 45 million, Argentina ranks as the fourth most populous country in Latin America and boasts one of the strongest economies in the region despite recent financial turmoil.

Argentina is a significant hub for online gaming, with each of its 23 provinces and the autonomous city of Buenos Aires having the ability to establish their own iGaming markets. Currently, 14 provinces have legalized online sports betting, and nearly as many have adopted online casino legislation.

Operators in the gaming industry are limited to offering their services exclusively to residents within designated regions. The online gaming sector in Argentina is projected to generate US$2.4 billion in annual revenue.

A recent government directive increased the federal tax rate on online gaming activities to 5%, and regions like Buenos Aires also impose taxes on individuals earning income from gaming pursuits.


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