Pushback Erupts from Sports Betting Platform Over ESPN Bet Logo

Posted on: October 24, 2023, 08:37h. 

Last updated on: October 24, 2023, 08:37h.

ESPN and Penn Entertainment recently revealed the logo for their upcoming sports betting collaboration, ESPN Bet.

ESPN Bet logo BroThrow sports betting
BroThrow officials say their logo has been in use for more than two years, and the new ESPN Bet logo too closely resembles its brand. ESPN Bet is a new sportsbook from Penn Entertainment. (Image: Casino.org)

According to BroThrow officials, their logo has been in use for over two years, and they claim that the new ESPN Bet logo bears a striking resemblance to their brand. ESPN Bet is an upcoming sportsbook by Penn Entertainment. (Image: Casino.org)

BroThrow is a peer-to-peer social betting exchange that offers users an online space to track their bets easily. The company describes itself as the Facebook Marketplace of sports betting, facilitating bet arrangements among friends and groups.

BroThrow is based in Arkansas, where both retail and online sports betting are legal. The state’s sports betting law allows brick-and-mortar casinos to partner with an online sportsbook, with Betly, Bet Saracen, and Oaklawn Sports being the three online operators.

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BroThrow makes its revenue by charging a commission on winning bets. Regular users have the option to pay a flat monthly fee through BroThrow Pro or BroThrow Pro+ subscriptions.

BroThrow was recognized as a “Rising Star” at the 2023 SBC Awards North America. While still relatively unknown in the US gaming landscape, the company is projected to facilitate $60 million in bets this year.

Brady Sharp, the founder and CEO of BroThrow, has been actively promoting the company’s name and brand. Sharp mentioned attending various industry shows, including the recent Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas.

I don’t think it was malicious that they came out with a logo that looks remarkably similar to ours, but I do think there’s been plenty of opportunity for someone at ESPN or Penn Entertainment to have seen our logo somewhere,” Sharp said.

While the company does not currently possess a trademark for the logo, an application was filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office for the “BroThrow” name in 2019.

ESPN Bet Launch

Penn Entertainment has entered into a $1.5 billion agreement with The Walt Disney Company, ESPN’s controlling parent, to utilize the renowned sports brand for their long-term sports betting business. As a result, Penn has decided to discontinue its Barstool Sportsbook and focus on the launch of ESPN Bet next month, with plans to roll out the online sportsbook in 16 states.

Penn sold Barstool back to founder Dave Portnoy for just $1 after spending $500 million on its acquisition.

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