Scottish City Bans Alcohol as Lottery Prizes in Schools

Posted on: October 2, 2023, 07:40h. 

Last updated on: October 2, 2023, 07:40h.

In a move that is set to shake up the fundraising scene in Glasgow, Scotland, schools will no longer be able to offer alcohol as prizes in tombola-style raffles. The Glasgow City Council has implemented a ban on the use of alcohol as a tombola prize at any educational center, citing the belief that schools should not “normalize” alcohol consumption. However, there may be a workaround for those looking to still include alcohol in their fundraising efforts.

City Chambers and George Square in Glasgow, Scotland
City Chambers and George Square in Glasgow, Scotland. The Glasgow City Council is taking a hardline stance against alcohol at its schools. (Image: Pinterest)

Traditionally, schools in Glasgow and other locations have utilized tombola-style raffles to raise funds for trips and equipment. These raffles have often included bottles of wine and other alcoholic beverages as potential prizes. However, with the council’s new ban in place, schools will need to find alternative methods of fundraising.

Although the ban prohibits alcohol on school premises, some individuals are suggesting that a case-by-case approach should be taken by the Glasgow City Council. Supporters of this idea argue that alcohol can still be included as prizes in tombolas, as long as the fundraising events are held off campus.

It remains to be seen how schools in Glasgow will adapt to this ban and what creative alternatives they will come up with to fill the economic gap left by the removal of alcohol as a prize in tombolas.

For now, it seems that alcohol-free fundraising events will become the new norm in Glasgow, while other cities in Scotland may continue to offer alcohol as prizes in tombolas.

The Impact on Fundraising

Across the globe, schools rely on various fundraising methods to support their students. From candy and magazine sales to raffles, these fundraisers have proven to be effective in bridging financial gaps. In Scotland, tombolas have been a popular fundraising method, with alcohol often being included as a prize. However, with the recent ban in Glasgow, schools will need to explore new creative strategies to continue raising funds.

The Glasgow City Council’s decision to ban alcohol as tombola prizes is based on the belief that schools should not “normalize” alcohol consumption. While the ban may face some criticism, there are alternatives available, such as holding fundraising events off campus to include alcohol as prizes.

A Loophole in the Ban?

Interestingly, the ban on alcohol as tombola prizes only applies to school premises. According to UK law, individuals under 18 are prohibited from buying or consuming alcohol. However, 16- and 17-year-olds can drink beer, wine, or cider as part of a meal when accompanied by an adult at a restaurant. Additionally, those aged 5 to 17 can consume alcohol at home or on private premises. This raises the possibility that fundraising events including alcohol as prizes could still take place, as long as they are held off campus.

Controversy Surrounding the Ban

While some individuals applaud the Glasgow City Council’s ban on alcohol as tombola prizes, others argue that a case-by-case approach would be more appropriate. They believe that alcohol should still be included in tombolas and hope to see the city council reconsider its decision. As the ban specifically targets alcohol “on their premises,” there is potential for schools to work around the ban by hosting their fundraising events off campus.

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