Shuttered Strip Club to Receive $13M from Rapper Blueface

Posted on: October 24, 2023, 06:35h.

Last updated on: October 24, 2023, 06:35h.

Notorious rapper Blueface has been ordered to pay millions of dollars to the owners of a defunct Las Vegas strip club after a shooting incident took place there. As a sports betting writer, this news is important as it may affect the rapper’s financial situation and future endeavors.

Rapper Blueface
Rapper Blueface, pictured above. He was ordered to pay over $13M following a shooting at a Las Vegas strip club. (Image: Complex)

The judge ruled that Blueface must pay a total of $13.1M to the owners of Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club, which had to cease operations after the October 8, 2022 shooting incident. The payment includes $12.6M in lost revenue and additional damages.

Reckless Conduct

The owners of the club claimed that the closure was a direct result of Blueface’s negligence, willful, and/or reckless conduct, which led to the revocation of their licenses. The judge, Jacob Reynolds, found in favor of the club and ordered Blueface to compensate them.

No information has been provided regarding whether Blueface plans to appeal the lawsuit, according to Las Vegas TV station KLAS. This piece of news is crucial to sports bettors, as it may have implications for his financial stability and future legal battles.

Aside from this lawsuit, Blueface still faces another legal case related to the shooting. The outcome of this additional lawsuit remains unclear.

No Jail Time

In a separate criminal case, Blueface was recently sentenced to up to three years’ probation for the shooting incident outside the club. However, he will avoid imprisonment if he successfully completes his 36-month probationary period, subject to various conditions.

The shooting victim, Kentabius Traylor, suffered only minor injuries, as the bullet grazed his left hand. The incident occurred after Traylor jokingly made comments to Blueface inside the club, which led to a confrontation outside as Traylor attempted to leave in a truck.

Initially charged with attempted murder, Blueface’s attorney negotiated the charges down to battery and discharging a firearm at or into an occupied structure. This plea deal has attracted criticism from Traylor, who expressed his dismay in what he perceives as a lenient punishment.

Blueface has faced other legal troubles in the past, including an arrest for robbery and weapons charges. It is unknown how these prior charges were resolved in court. For sports bettors, understanding Blueface’s legal history is important as it may impact his public image and future legal entanglements.

Despite these legal issues, Blueface remains well-known for his music, particularly his popular song “Thotiana.” This piece of information is relevant for sports betting enthusiasts who may factor in the artist’s popularity when evaluating potential bets or predictions.

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